Calling All Foodies!

Many of you enjoy posting photos of yummy dishes from your favorite local restaurants. This is a smart way to engage potential clients and anyone else who lands on your community pages. There are so many foodies out there and, besides, who doesn’t like to see mouth-watering pictures of crunchy tacos or gorgeous desserts?

Here are a few tips to enhance your food pictures. Use plenty of natural light whenever possible. Ask for a table near a window. Many restaurants are dimly lit, and using a flash close to a plate of food may overexpose the photo. The picture below is nicely composed with good lighting. The blue plate is an eye-catcher in an assortment of other Agent Insight photos.

Chicken Salad Chick features delicious salads made fresh daily

If you look at professional food photography shots, you will frequently see the most effective are taken from straight above or at a low shot from the edge of the table. These are good angles for you to use, too. The taco picture below also shows a nice contrast of colors, while the thick sprinkle of powdered sugar on the beignets makes you want one right now!

Tacos from Big Truck – Beef Al Carbon and Fried Shrimp
The beignets did not disappoint at Mo’Bay near USM

By posting your favorite dishes from your local restaurants, you are providing valuable community insight to potential home buyers! Take an extra minute to make an impression, not just with a mouth-watering photo, but also with a descriptive caption. We recommend you include the name of the dish, the name of the restaurant, and a short description of the dish or why it’s your favorite. These two captions are ideal, while still being short and succinct.

Blueberry muffin from Stella Novas – get it warmed up
The 40 oz. Ribeye at Acre – prepared to perfection

Here is a pro tip for you. Food posts are great promotions for the restaurants in your community. You might choose to mention to the managers that you are promoting their places on Agent Insight. Who knows? Maybe they will take your business card and send you a lead someday!

One last note of caution:  don’t submit your most delicious looking photos when you’re hungry. You might have to drop everything and zip out to your favorite restaurant!

Photo credits: Wyn Motter, RE/MAX Real Estate Partners, Hattiesburg, MS; Devin Ross, RE/MAX at Home, Edmond, OK; Brett Tortorich, RE/MAX Real Estate Partners, Hattiesburg, MS; Amber Jason, RE/MAX at Home, Edmond, OK; and Jamie Watkins, RE/MAX Heritage, Kansas City, MO.