It’s All Just Outside of Your Front Door


ave you ever had “one of those days”? I have and I know I will have more. I have just had a bear of a day running around feeling like nothing was going my way. I was in a hurry and needed to zip into the bank to make a quick deposit, so I chose the drive through. Well, the person in front of me must have decided to do an entire year’s worth of personal banking as I sat there waiting and waiting; another car was behind me so I could not back out. And then I was driving down 280 and came to a point in the middle lane where two cars decided to get very familiar with one another and trade paint jobs. Well, of course, everyone needed to stop and look as they crept by. It was raining and I was hitting every red light.

You get the picture I just wanted to get away from it all!

I turned off of busy 280 and started my familiar drive down the entrance to home, Highland Lakes. As I passed through the front gates and the guard waved at me and smiled, I immediately felt the stress start to leave my body. I was becoming calm and relaxed and all I did was drive roughly a mile. I looked at the trees and the flowers blooming as I passed the big lake.

I was home. I pulled into my drive; no more traffic and no more frustrating people, just peace and quiet. I could go on and on about the pluses of living in such an amazing community but you need to come and see it for yourself. I can’t let all the secrets out on this site or everyone might want to move here.

Highland Lakes Subdivision
North Shelby County, AL

Submitted by
Jeff Palmer
RE/MAX Advantage South
Birmingham, AL

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