Spring Forward with Light and Color!

Spring is a time to freshen up your Agent Insight pages with all of the colors of the season. Beautiful snow scenes can be breathtaking, but the photos tend to be pale or gray with cloudy winter skies. Starting now and through all of the summer months, spruce up your pages with photos full of color and new life.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.
— Doug Larson, columnist

You don’t have to worry about finding new material (although that’s always good, too!). If you have already taken good winter photos of the neighborhoods, parks, restaurants and other amenities of your market area, shoot them again now that the seasons have changed. Showing off your community throughout the year gives a more complete picture to visitors viewing your Agent Insight pages.

The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.
Edwin Way Teale, author and naturalist

This pair of photos of the spectacular Victorian homes on Cape May, New Jersey’s beachfront shows how well the same subject can be featured in different seasons. Patricia A. Piacentine took the cold weather photo and Jill Giancola shot the warm weather picture. Both agents are with RE/MAX at the Shore in Cape May.

Wintering in Cape May – a time for reflection
The homes on Cape May’s beachfront are beautiful

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching trees getting dressed up for Spring and Summer.
— Charmaine J. Ford, poet

Remember to also include events that take place in the spring. You want to show potential clients the beauty of your town and also include the fun things to do and see.  John DeVries, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids, MI, submitted the spring plowing competition photo below. Christopher H. Evans, RE/MAX Masters, Skaneateles, NY, spotted the nesting eagles. A path lined with beautiful purple spring flowers was featured by Team Nina Clare and Dave, RE/MAX Real Estate Results in Bentonville, AR. Even subdivision monuments look best in spring. Check out the tulips in the photo from Betty Simmons, RE/MAX Best Associates, Overland Park, KS.

Annual Plow Days event – Watch how they used to plow the fields before tractors were available
It was exciting to find this magnificent pair of nesting eagles on Otisco Lake – a sure sign of spring!
Reflections on the trails at Crystal Bridges Museum
Bedford Downs is a great location to live in Overland Park

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
— Robin Williams, actor

While you’re putting away your snow boots and getting ready to turn on the air conditioner, plan a few photos that celebrate the colors of spring. New submissions to Agent Insight boost the SEO of your community pages and each one only takes a few minutes to post.