Show Them the “Wow!”

Visitors to any website or blog post only glance at it for a few seconds and, if they don’t engage with the content, they are gone. If your posts include only a photo of an entrance monument, you could lose potential clients.

Agent Insight gives you the unique opportunity to show all aspects of your community in words and pictures. This is your chance to present the “Wow!  Factor.” Figure out what makes people take a second look at a neighborhood or develop interest in your town, then show it to them.

Many agents across the country are doing exactly that. For example, Tracy Parker, RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs II in Murphy, TX, has posted a lot of compelling information about the Grand Heritage neighborhood in Lavon, TX. She entices readers with information about the development’s resort-style living, many amenities, new and resale homes, and proximity to the greater Dallas metropolitan area. Her photos tell a complete story, too. Here is a sampling of her pictorial essay on Grand Heritage:

Grand Heritage in Lavon has a beautiful playground
Beautiful Grand Heritage pond at the clubhouse entrance
The Grand Heritage clubhouse includes a fitness center, ballroom, party rooms and more!
Outdoor grilling by the impressive  Grand Heritage aquatic center with two pools and a splash park

You can explain in glowing terms what makes your community appealing to families who want good schools, to young couples looking for starter homes, or to people who want country living. You know what the selling points are for your town. Use Agent Insight to showcase them.

Here’s an excerpt from a post by Marie Wohlrab, RE/MAX Best, West Babylon, NY.  Marie grabs her readers from the first sentence:

Northport Village at Its Best
Imagine a village with a trolley running down the middle of Main Street with beautiful homes on hills overlooking the water and gorgeous boats coming into the marina.  Restaurants, cafes and shops of every type with breathless sights at sunrise or sunset. The people are warm and friendly and will nod hello whether they know you or not. This is Northport Village over 100 years ago as well as today!  Well, except for the trolley. The lines are still there and are driven over every single day, but the trolley no longer runs.  It is a fantastic place to live, raise a family and remain for the rest of your life.  Well, that’s if you love good schools, great locations, warm and friendly people, and just about every type of recreation and shopping known to man.

Get your viewers interested, and they may contact you with a question or comment. Now the door is open for you to pursue the lead.  Make a list of the features you love about your community and cover them in Agent Insight. You know dozens of reasons why your community is great. Share your knowledge with your clients and prospects. Show them the why. Show them the “Wow!”