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What should I write about?

First of all, an insight is nothing more than an opinion, YOUR opinion. Because you’re presenting yourself as the local expert, writing an insight in first-person style will convey familiarity, knowledge, and confidence to potential consumers.  It’s often easiest to start at home:  as you’re driving around your own subdivision, think about what might appeal to prospective buyers.

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How do I add a video to my written insight?

To include a video in an insight, first start with a short written insight about your subject; three or more sentences giving the reader a little information. Then, it is easy to add a video link to the insight. Simply locate the video on YouTube, copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and paste it into the field titled Related Video YouTube Link below the insight text. Click Submit and you’re good to go.

Editor’s note:  There are some important boundaries on the kinds of videos allowed on Agent Insight. Please review the following article  for further information:

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