Helping Clients Visualize the Community

“There’s a fear factor for clients in learning how to get involved in a new area. They can visualize themselves there with the help of my Agent Insight photos and articles. Zillow and Trulia will never be able to provide that kind of detail about neighborhoods and communities.”

Marty Remo
RE/MAX Benchmart Realty Group
Central Valley, NY

Inbound Marketing Concept

“Agent Insight is an inbound marketing concept. Show potential clients what you can do for them and they’ll come wanting to do business with you. This is a much stronger approach than making cold calls.”

Dan Troup
Regional Director
RE/MAX of Michigan

Quality Leads

“I have found that my Agent Insight leads are quality leads. The people making inquiries truly want my resources and are very glad for my quick response. They actively look at the information I send them.  My marketing plan is working and I’m seeing results without spending a dime on it,”

Valerie Bomberger
RE/MAX Harbor Country
New Buffalo, MI


Have Vision

“When I first stumbled across Agent Insight, I saw immediately that it is an excellent prospecting tool and lead generator. My goal is to have at least one post for every subdivision in my market area. This is very helpful to my marketing efforts and the work will bring me value over time.”

Valerie Bomberger
RE/MAX Harbor Country
New Buffalo, MI

Be Consistent

“You just have to be consistent to make an impact with Agent Insight as well as all your social media marketing. It’s a continuous building process and it’s fun to do.”

Steve Babbitt
RE/MAX Realty Group
Pittsford, NY