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Why Garden Alone When You Can Garden With Your Neighbors?


hether you have an established green thumb or are new to gardening, the Cedar Falls Community Garden may be the place for you to break ground. I loved having a community of fellow gardeners nearby to bounce ideas off of and to learn and grow (literally!). When I was new to gardening and at the time renting an apartment, there was no better place to go and grow than with the Cedar Falls community garden. Everyone was so helpful, and it truly is a community. If someone will be away on vacation, you can ask someone in your community to help water your garden and keep an eye out while you’re away. It truly is a great experience, I highly recommend you try it out!

Cedar Falls, IA

Submitted by
Dahoni Jones
RE/MAX Heritage
Cedar Falls, IA

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What a Welcoming Neighborhood!


‘ve been a REALTOR since 2003, which means I get to view hundreds of homes and neighborhoods every year. My husband and I had downsized into a maintenance-provided townhouse four years ago while he had been working as a civilian contractor at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. With that job behind us, we decided in November 2021 to start looking for a larger home in a community where you could walk safely away from busy streets. We drove into Bristol Park North and were happy to see how quiet and serene the area was. It almost feels like it’s out in the country, even though we are five minutes from everything! We viewed a home that day and made an offer immediately. We moved into our new home three weeks ago and love it here! The neighbors all wave when they drive by, and we received banana bread on our third day here with a sweet welcome! We look forward to years of family time and new friendships in Bristol Park.

Bristol Park North Subdivision
Kansas City, MO

Submitted by
Elaina Dougherty
RE/MAX Results
Kansas City, MO

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Become the Featured Local Expert!

Have you noticed there is a Featured Local Expert that appears on every community page in Agent Insight? It immediately catches the eye of visitors on that page. Put yourself in that spot just by making posts on the page! Here’s how it works:

When you post a written submission onto a page, your agent photo is added to the rotation and will randomly appear in the Featured Local Expert spot. For example, Phyllis Olive, RE/MAX Premiere Group in Tuscaloosa, AL, has submitted two photos and two written posts on the Lauderhill Subdivision in her town. She is the only agent who has put anything on this page, so she always appears as the Featured Local Expert. Or as we like to say, she is the “Mayor” of Lauderhill!

Phyllis has also submitted written and photo posts for the Waterford Subdivision along with another member of RE/MAX Premiere Group, Tracy Ramsey. In this example, either Tracy or Phyllis will rotate into the Featured Local Expert slot every time the page is opened by a visitor.

As more agents add written insights to the page, the three who have posted most recently will randomly rotate into the Featured Local Expert position. Fresh material keeps your name higher on the rotation, so periodically add something new! Note, however, that written submissions are given preference over photos. If there are only photo submissions on a particular page, the submitting agents can be featured as the local expert. Otherwise, the featured agent will only be selected from agents who have submitted written insights.

Also, three Featured Local Experts appear at the top of each market area Explore page. They are randomly selected from the 20 agents who have posted most recently. Again, fresh submissions keep you in the rotation.

Agent Insight is such an easy addition for you to make to your marketing plan. In fact, both of the Tuscaloosa subdivisions referenced above are in the top five results of a current Google search! There are many subdivisions and neighborhoods which don’t have any submissions yet. Go grab them and become the Featured Local Expert waiting for potential clients to find you!