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Add Your Google Reviews To Agent Insight

We are excited to announce a recent addition to your Agent Insight profile – integration of Google reviews. With this new enhancement, you now have two different options to add your 3rd party reviews to your profile page: Google or Zillow!

When deciding to do business with a new company, many of us are influenced, one way or the other, by independent reviews of their product or service. That’s the power of social proof.  You can now tap into the power of Google by showing off your Google reviews to prospective clients who find you on Agent Insight.

Donna Fitts ProfileYour reviews will be displayed at the bottom of your profile page, following your Agent Insight submissions.  Also, a row of green stars indicating your Google OR Zillow rating will appear under your name, along with the number of reviews that have been posted.

Adding your reviews is easy! You’ll find step-by-step instructions in this three minute Fast Forward Short. You’ve worked hard to get those 5 star reviews, and you want to display them on as many sites as possible. By taking advantage of this new feature, your reviews will have even more visibility, increasing your internet footprint in a big way. If you have any questions or issues, contact Tech Assist using any of the methods available on the Assistance page in MAX Tech – we are happy to help!

Draw in Visitors with Local History

Take a tour of the birthplace of Will Rogers overlooking Oologah Lake in Rogers County

You can give depth to your Agent Insight pages with photos and written insights showcasing local history. These submissions are fun to research and easy to write. They tell your readers a little extra about the areas where they are shopping for new homes. History buffs will love learning about the community’s past, and everyone will enjoy little tidbits about local lore. Most important, historical posts can help potential home buyers feel a connection to the community’s past while looking forward to being part of its future.

Some of our creative RE/MAX agents have posted wonderful submissions inspired by the history of their communities. There are impressive insights on town founders, Civil War battlefields, famous old hotels, historic train engines, and even a state’s oldest tree.

You could choose to cover some big stories like the building of the century-old town hall. You might decide to write about something more obscure, like the excerpt from this amusing insight by Julie Daste, RE/MAX N.O. Properties in New Orleans, about a local bar that is nearly 300 years old.

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop Is the Oldest Bar in the US
Travel back in time at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, the oldest bar in the country! But this isn’t your ordinary haunt:  Lafitte’s is heralded as one of the coolest watering holes around and featured on countless “Best Bars” lists including Time Out and Maxim magazine. While there’s some debate as to whether it really was the first establishment to sling drinks, we do know that the structure was built back in 1722. Upon opening, the bar was owned and operated by the famous Pirate Jean Lafitte, where it would function as a blacksmith shop by day and smuggling operation by night.

Resist the urge to use verbiage straight from brochures about your subjects. All posts must be written in your own words. But, again, these are really fun to write! You might choose to include an accompanying video with your submission. There is an excellent YouTube video linked with Julie’s insight on Lafittes Blacksmith Shop shown above.

You can take dozens of photos depicting local history.  Deciding which to send might be your most difficult task! Take a look at these beauties sent from agents around the country.

The Overholser Mansion was the first mansion built in OKC in 1903 by Henry and Anna Overholser
The founding of the historic Sloss Furnace Company in 1881 helped establish Birmingham, AL
The majestic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island has been open since 1887
Johnson Mill, Restaurant & Inn was an operating mill for over 140 years

As with all photo submissions to Agent Insight, use some basic photography rules to show your subjects at their best.  Take several shots from different angles, then submit your favorite. Never shoot through your car windshield and risk ruining your picture with glare or grime on the glass. Remember that all Agent Insight photos are horizontal. If you submit a vertical picture, it will likely require substantial cropping.

The goal of Agent Insight is to show all aspects of your market area and give it plenty of appeal to potential home buyers. Submissions on local history give you another opportunity to present yourself as an expert on everything about the community.

Photos provided by Sherman Shanklin, RE/MAX of Green Country, Nowata, OK; Wendy Chong, RE/MAX Preferred, Oklahoma City, OK; Patti Schreiner, RE/MAX Southern Homes, Birmingham, AL; Ryan Eashoo, RE/MAX Edge, Davison, MI; and Darohnn Pender, RE/MAX Real Estate Results, Bentonville, AR.