7 Degrees on January 7th


ost days I drive to work on autopilot…coffee in hand, music on, just thinking about the day as it unfolds. Once in awhile, Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and puts something really spectacular out there right in front of us, forcing us to stop and enjoy the moment. This morning was exactly that kind of a day for me.

As I drove through the downtown Battle Creek area, I was awestruck by the beautiful deep blue sky with zero clouds and unlimited sunshine. You see, here in Southwest Michigan the sun can be pretty evasive in the winter months. In fact, I had someone once tell me that this particular area of the country is the cloudiest on the entire planet!

I looked down at the temperature gauge in my car and saw that it registered a balmy 7 degrees outside. Hmmm…7 degrees on January 7th. Sounded like a special occasion to me. I swept through the downtown area, parked my car, and took a few pics of our landmark areas – the Federal Center, the Kellogg World Headquarters, and the Battle Creek Math and Science Center. You see, living in this area most of my life, I know that I have come to take many things for granted.

Battle Creek is surrounded by two beautiful rivers: the Battle Creek River and the Kalamazoo River. It has numerous lakes for swimming, boating, fishing and just enjoying. We have trails to hike and ride, parks to picnic and play, and a world class zoo at Binder Park. We have golf courses, ball diamonds and hockey rinks. We are the home of Kellogg’s and the World Hot Air Balloon Festival. For me, the best part of Battle Creek is that it’s home. Even on the days when it’s the cloudiest place on the planet, I wouldn’t trade it for all the Frosted Flakes in the world! 

Battle Creek, MI

Submitted by
Cathy Jewell
RE/MAX Perrett Associates
Battle Creek, MI

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