Add Your Google Reviews To Agent Insight

We are excited to announce a recent addition to your Agent Insight profile – integration of Google reviews. With this new enhancement, you now have two different options to add your 3rd party reviews to your profile page: Google or Zillow!

When deciding to do business with a new company, many of us are influenced, one way or the other, by independent reviews of their product or service. That’s the power of social proof.  You can now tap into the power of Google by showing off your Google reviews to prospective clients who find you on Agent Insight.

Donna Fitts ProfileYour reviews will be displayed at the bottom of your profile page, following your Agent Insight submissions.  Also, a row of green stars indicating your Google OR Zillow rating will appear under your name, along with the number of reviews that have been posted.

Adding your reviews is easy! You’ll find step-by-step instructions in this three minute Fast Forward Short. You’ve worked hard to get those 5 star reviews, and you want to display them on as many sites as possible. By taking advantage of this new feature, your reviews will have even more visibility, increasing your internet footprint in a big way. If you have any questions or issues, contact Tech Assist using any of the methods available on the Assistance page in MAX Tech – we are happy to help!