Coralville Heights Is Huge


his area was first designated as Coralville Heights in 1923 in order to show that the it was not in the flood plain. In other words, if the Iowa River, which is on Coralville’s eastern border, overran its banks, “Heights’ intimated that the lots were above the areas that were flood prone.  It worked!  People began buying lots and building homes in 1923, and Coralville Heights was all the rage!  “They live in the Heights” or “we live in the Heights” became a rather “hoity toity” observation.

Fancy homes?  No. Big lots?  No.  Just good old lots on city streets in modest sizes. I grew up in Coralville Heights. My dad grew up in Coralville Heights. My grandpa lived in Coralville Heights. I delivered newspapers in Coralville Heights! This is a nice area to find a home and live! Easy access to UI and UIHC via car, bike, shoe leather, city bus, etc. Homes range: $ 125,000 to $250,000 for the most part. Come visit and tour Coralville Heights!

Coralville Heights
Coralville, IA

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Rex Brandstatter
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