Crescent Park ~ Lucky Find in the Marigny and Bywater


ew Orleans is a city of hidden gems. I’ve always considered it to be one of those places that is, admittedly, where you want to steer clear of tourist spots. Like New York, it’s a place where you need to seek out locals for the “where to’s” and insights to truly uncover the best dining, drinking and live music hangouts in the city. The good news is, in New Orleans, the food, drinks and entertainment are so good, even the tourist traps are fantastic!

Born and raised in the city, I consider myself a bit of a foodie and expert on where to go in the unique neighborhoods of New Orleans and was surprised to discover a park I’ve only slightly heard about from a close friend. Crescent Park is across from my personal favorite, and even Frommer’s “best brunch in New Orleans”, a joint called Elizabeth’s. It’s in the heart of the cool Bywater and Marigny area. Similar to New York’s Highline Park, where the old meat train has been paved into a garden oasis for locals and tourists to meander, so has our riverfront and shipyard shaped Crescent Park. It spans about 1.4 miles along the river, past the trains (you cross over the train track via a high arch bridge) for the most breathtaking views of downtown which can be seen from its 20 acres of garden walking paths. I could even hear the music from the artists in Jackson Square and I couldn’t believe I had not come upon this place sooner!

It’s peaceful, has a perfect view of downtown, the walking/bike path is completely landscaped in beautiful gardens, and there is an area with a stage that is now sometimes used as a venue.
There’s also a rumor that it will soon be converted into an outdoor theater for movies by next summer. Well, let’s all hope!

New Orleans, LA

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