Dickens Comes Alive in Northport!


 orthport offers many diversions from the hustle bustle that we have all come to dislike.  One special experience sponsored by Northport is the Downtown Dickens event held during the Christmas season. Dickens characters really come alive!  While walking in all your favorite shops, you can get a grilled hot dog and some popcorn and interact with characters from days long gone by (shop owners dressed up in Dickens costumes). There are bands, carriage rides and more!  Downtown Northport is just around the corner from the historic Bellwood neighborhood.  If you are one of those people who would love to live in a quaint historic home then you need to consider Bellwood and Northport. Dreaming of days past? Then you should check out this wonderful area.

Northport, AL

Submitted by
Connie Pate
RE/MAX Premiere Group
Northport, AL

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