Experiencing the Beauty of Every Season


must admit, one of the reasons that I love the South Jersey Shore is that we get to experience all of the seasons. Winters in Cape May are pristine. It is a beauty to behold when the snow falling throughout our Victorian town sugar coats the charm that already exists. The seaside landscape takes on a new dimension with frozen icebergs smothering the ocean waves and back bay areas turning to huge ice ponds. It’s rare that we have extreme winter weather like we had this year and it brings back childhood memories of ice skating and sledding down the sides of the bridges which were our only hills. Activities are meaningful – fireside songs, sing-alongs, yoga classes, art courses, traditional dinners and winter balls. Outside fire pits to warm the body, heart and soul offered by wineries, fireside music and social gatherings bringing even more ambiance to the town. Nature lovers and birders convene on the frozen tundra watching for snowy owls, red tailed hawks and bald eagles. Stepping around the frozen salted slabs of ice searching for Cape May Diamonds and sea glass. Yes, winter is a wonder! Then we step into spring – another season full of beauty and we get to walk through its delight with fresh openings and events. Come see for yourself!

Cape May, NJ

Submitted by
Patricia A. Piacentine
RE/MAX at the Shore
Cape May, NJ

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