Helping Hands in Elk Rapids


e like to help out. We enjoy making your day just a little better, making it run just a little smoother. If you’re at the boat launch having trouble getting your motor to start, chances are someone there will offer to take a look, if you want. If you get stuck pulling into the gas station parking lot during the snowy winter months, I bet someone with tow straps will offer to pull you out, shake your hand, and promise it was no trouble at all.

Not sure where the library is? Let us show you! Where can you find a good restaurant in town? Looking for a babysitter, a dog-walker, a dentist? We’re brimming with good ideas, and glad to help.

It would be easy to take these niceties for granted, but most of us don’t. Out-of-towners express their disbelief at the friendliness of Elk Rapids and the surrounding villages. Not only is it genuine, it’s a point of pride – it’s why so many of us consider ourselves blessed to call Elk Rapids home.

Elk Rapids, MI

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James Eberle
RE/MAX of Elk Rapids
Elk Rapids, MI

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