The Insight Insider: What’s Inside?

This site offers information in a variety of helpful areas. Check them out:


  1. Site Contents:  This drop-down list is a table of contents to all sections of the site.
  2. Word from The Street: Recent testimonials from agents about Agent Insight.
  3. Menu – Getting Started:  Go to a series of articles geared towards the new participant.
  4. Menu – Featured Insights:  Check out the best of the best here – blue ribbon writings, photography excellence, insightful videos – its all here, from all over the country.
  5. Menu – News & Announcements:  Read recent announcements about the Agent Insight community.
  6. Photography Excellence: This mural of outstanding photo submissions may inspire you with your camera.
  7. Search:  Search for articles and features on the site by keyword.
  8. Useful Info:  FAQs are a handy reference for answers to our most frequently asked questions. Simply click on the question to be directed to the appropriate response page. Newsletter Article Archive recaps all the engaging and insightful articles published on Agent Insight.
  9. How-to Videos: Watch short 3-5 minute videos on a specific Agent Insight techniques.

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