Life in Iron County


have lived and played in the Crystal Falls area almost my entire life. A short stint in both Lake Havasu, AZ and Steamboat Springs, CO helped me decide that the Iron County area was for me and my family! If you are looking for expansive shopping, then a larger and more populated area is where you need to be. If you like a quiet and slow pace, clean air, abundant wildlife, water and trees, this is the place to be. 

I like to have a variety of things to do outside and enjoy downhill skiing, hunting, canoeing and kayaking, summer pontooning and fishing. This is a great central location to enjoy the rest of what the upper peninsula has to offer as well. Sometimes I like to just sit on my deck, read a book or just think. Just yesterday I watched nine white tailed deer quietly poke around the forest behind my house.

We take trips to Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago and Florida. I often try to imagine what it might be like to live in those places. While they certainly have their attributes, for day to day living, I like it right here!

Iron Country, MI

Submitted by
Ken West
RE/MAX North Country
Crystal Falls, MI

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