Life on Downing Avenue


hat a great area in Waterloo to call home!  Downing Avenue is located on the border line of Waterloo/Cedar Falls. My parents were among the first to build their dream home back in 1960 on one of the lots, which at that time was considered the edge of town. In fact, my mom, who’s now 85, still recalls having to pick corn stalks out of the yard in order to plant grass seed, as this plot was a farmstead.  As kids, we played hide and seek and kick-the-can past the street lights coming on, we walked to the many parks nearby, and we fished in the Black Hawk Creek.  Most of the yards are generous in size along Downing Ave. There is plenty of room to play baseball, football and all the current sports, or just kick back flying a kite or chasing the dog.  Lots of the original owners are still living in their homes as well and still take pride in ownership.  When I grew up I purchased my first home in this area that I enjoyed so much as a kid.

Waterloo, IA

Submitted by
Sandy Stuber
RE/MAX Home Group
Waterloo, IA

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