Living on Easy Street!


here are less than 40 lots in Mulligan Place, and only one street: Easy Street! Every time I am asked to give my address, such as when I’m placing¬†an online order, showing ID at the airport or applying for an account, I can almost hear the person on the other end of the line smiling and thinking, “What a great address! Wish I was there! You have it made!” Yes, living on Easy Street really is terrific!

Our small neighborhood is tucked away just off Canal Road. Easy Street is a cul de sac, and most people don’t even realize that there are homes there behind the Orange Beach Golf Center. No through traffic here. There is an old fashioned feel; the neighbors know each other, wave and speak. Our neighborhood has seasonal gatherings, such as a Halloween pumpkin cutting. With the golf course just behind our homes, we have beautiful views, too. Orange Beach life really is good on Easy Street!

Mulligan Place, Orange Beach, AL

Submitted by
Leigh McPherson
RE/MAX of Orange Beach
Orange Beach, AL

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