Loving Life in St. Joseph County


‘ve lived in St. Joseph County all my life, and love many things about it. We have small, very close communities, numerous public parks, many inland lakes, a vast Amish community, and plenty of farm land. Farming is a huge part of St. Joseph County. As a teenager, I detasseled corn. My husband works at Mendon Seed Growers, a local seed corn company who plants thousands of acres of seed corn each year. We also farm 20 acres ourselves. My Amish heritage has influenced me greatly, so I truly appreciate their way of life. They are a great community of people with very strong values. There are many Amish and Mennonite businesses in our county, ranging from handcrafted furniture to homemade baked goods, and anything in between. Yoder’s Store in Centreville is a prime example of the pride they put into their work. It has thrived and grown in recent years, and they specialize in homemade goods and deli service.

St. Joseph County, MI

Submitted by
Stacy Schwenk
RE/MAX Elite Group
Sturgis, MI

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