Memories of Beautiful Berryton


his past winter, I sold a home on acreage in Berryton to a family moving back to Topeka after many years of living away on active military duty. I truly enjoyed getting to know the family and helping them in their relocation. As I drove past their new home recently, I was awestruck to remember that the home next door was once the iris and daylily farm where my young daughter and I used to buy our plants over 20 years ago.¬†I’d never before made that connection, though I’d been there several times through the winter. I was immediately drawn back to happy memories of walking through rows of blooming iris at this familiar flower farm. With my little daughter in tow, we’d give thoughtful consideration each season to which color combinations would be best in our yard. Then we’d gingerly dig and divide the plants, wash their roots, and wrap them in wet newspaper for transport home. The home has long since been sold and the flower farm abandoned as a commercial venture, but these hardy little plants endure.

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