My Home Town of Maumelle


moved here from Austin, TX in 2007. Even though I miss my bluebonnets in the spring, I have grown to love Maumelle and have made great friends here. My favorite thing about Maumelle is Lake Willastein and all of the bike paths that run through the neighborhoods from one end of the city to the other. The bike paths around the entire three bodies of water on Lake Willastein is 2.1 miles.

I live across the bike path along the north shore of the smallest body of water which is .75 of a mile around. My husband, myself and our dogs love to sit out on our deck and watch the people run, bike and walk their dogs. My best friend’s father actually helped design Maumelle and the lake. She still has the picture of the lake she colored with crayons when she was a little girl. I feel very honored to live here and to know her and her family.

Maumelle, AR

Submitted by
Bonnie Goodwin
RE/MAX Elite
Little Rock, AR

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