Fall Back


aylight savings time – spring ahead and fall back. Oh yes, fall is back! I could only wonder as I look yonder and see geese frolic in the water under the diminishing sun. I think summer is done. No more chasing the ice cream truck and Mister Softee closed for the season. No “you screaming, I screaming, we all scream for ice cream.” The chill is in the air, the trees starting to go bare. For the moment, enjoy the different color hues; partly green, orange, yellows, oh, and I got the blues! It’s okay, I’ll hope and dream. Summer is not that far off, so it seems. I’ll bid you an adieu, farewell, so long until we meet again. This one’s for summer, my dear friend.

Wyandanch, NY

Submitted by
Cheron Dinkins
RE/MAX Signature Real Estate
Babylon, NY

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