Onekama Fairy Gardens


here is a magical, secret spot at the end of Lakeside Avenue:  a Fairy Garden housing area tucked into a cedar tree woods! Maybe at first you will not notice the tiny dwellings handcrafted using imagination and found objects, with a nod to Mother Nature. As you climb the trail, you will find fairy homes tucked in the trees, with many stairs up, or tiny doorways at bases of trees. Hanging gourd houses complete with windows hang from branches. Tea is set out on the lawn at another dwelling.

A fairy RV park, with all the necessary accessories is visible, as well as a very cool condo complex with maximum height requirement of 1.5″! A firehouse and a farm also can be found. As you pass a lower branch, a baby fairy prince slumbers in a knothole. It is well worth a visit for kids of all ages, and don’t forget to leave the fairies a note in their mailbox!

Onekama, MI

Submitted by
Julie Williams
RE/MAX Bayshore
Frankfort, MI

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