Providence, My Walkable Village


hen strolling down the streets of Providence, I have this distinct feeling of walking in Paris. Let me explain. For more than a decade the City of Lights was my home and I literally walked everywhere. Well, in Providence, I have become a walker again. I love it! I can walk to a restaurant, to the beauty salon or to the dry cleaners.

How I relish my daily walks! I know it is great for my health, but it is also wonderful for the soul. I start off by admiring the shops and restaurants in the town center.

Then I go on the nature trail. While there, I try to identify the various trees, insects and flowers. I love being serenaded by the birds. Then I walk to my favorite bridge. I call it the Lizard Bridge because it’s decorated with little lizards. I always take a moment to look at the creek and reflect on God’s creation.

Finally, my journey leads me to walk in the community and admire the new Southern style architecture. I especially love the houses with the white picket fences and the generous porches. I also love the Federal Style Townhouses. Well, to be quite honest with you, I just love Providence!

The Village of Providence
Huntsville, AL

Submitted by
Stephanie Johnson-Dingome
RE/MAX Alliance
Huntsville, AL

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