Red, White & Blue at Goguac Lake


had the pleasure of enjoying the Fourth of July on Goguac Lake this year. It was a barefoot, BBQ, laughter, and splashing kind of day. The kind you want to repeat all over again every year. Touring the lake on a friend’s fishing boat, it was fun to see the red, white, and blue buntings, and flags proclaiming patriotic pride from the lake homes. Truly, the “front” of a lake house is facing lake side – and that is where homeowners go all out with the decorating.

The Boat Parade started at 5:00 pm with boats of every kind gathered at the H2O restaurant on the water. Then began the slow parade around the lake. Some threw candy to the spectators gathered on the docks and on the public beach. Some produced water guns. Some spectators threw water balloons at the boats. It was hilarious! Each boat was decorated in a theme – many with flags and loud stereo systems. One was disguised as an army vehicle and another was a Breast Cancer Awareness boat – all pink. The boats just kept coming with each more creative than the last. I’ll be back – that’s a promise!

Battle Creek, MI

Submitted by
Esther Owen
RE/MAX Perrett Associates Inc
Battle Creek, MI

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