Reservoir Run


ne of my favorite places to go for a morning run is along the path adjacent to the Oradell Reservoir in Haworth.  It is always quiet and peaceful with a small number of residents walking, running or enjoying a walk with their dogs.  You enter the path from Grant Avenue in Oradell. As you run alongside the reservoir, you will see a variety of wildlife.  This past Sunday I spotted great blue herons, egrets, geese (of course), white tail deer, turkey and the usual rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks and squirrels.  In winter, you’ll spot majestic bald eagles.

The path is about 1.5 miles end to end.  You might choose to run through and then reverse or make it a part of a longer run, as I do. Sunday mornings are a great time to run down Oradell Avenue and see the beautiful old homes lining the tree-lined street or loop back through Haworth to the start of the trail — or both!

Haworth, NJ

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Maria Rini
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