Residents Love the Loft District


here is an excited buzz among the businesses and growing contingency of residents who dwell downtown.  This cityscape is making new leaps in revitalizing.  Actually, revitalizing should really be used past tense now as Birmingham’s downtown has revitalized.  Now it is simply improving with more additions serving to improve its inhabitants’ lives.  Cruise the streets after five and you will see the sidewalks full of joggers, dog walkers, bikers and strollers all busy living a great, convenient lifestyle.  When I have interviewed my past clients who bought downtown, I have heard all of them reflect sentiments like; “best decision I ever made”, “we love it down here”, “I am ready to upgrade to an even larger condo”.  These urbanites love their city.  They frequently are excited to tell me the latest tidbit of news.  Most recent is that a large, popular, national grocery chain is slated to open a store within quick walking distance.  I am excited for them!  Another is a plan under discussion to bring a bike share to the street corners.

The city of Birmingham is doing a great deal to continue growing a friendly urban neighborhood.  Currently the most popular streets  in the loft district are 1st Ave N, 2nd Ave N and 3rd Ave N.  There are quite a few condos with some high rises on those streets with your choice of fine dining, coffee houses to hang out in, theaters, McWane Children’s Museum, YMCA, shops with local artists, and most recently, a minor league baseball park and a natural green space with trails and ponds. The area is quickly becoming a destination spot for out-of-the-ordinary restaurants and shops.  Plan to visit the Loft district for great food options and unique retail items.

Downtown Loft District
Birmingham, AL

Submitted by
Dana Belcher
RE/MAX Advantage Central
Birmingham, AL

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