Saving the Best for Last


owlett is my favorite city because Rowlett in Rockwall County has been my home for the past eight years.
When I lived in Dallas, like many folks, I would say, “Rowlett? Are you kidding me? That is on the other side of the world!” In reality, I do not drive any more or less living in Rowlett then I did when I lived on lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

A tornado ripped through Rowlett on December 26, 2015 and many homes were destroyed. Some of them were taken down to the slab. The community has been rebuilding over the years. It’s been a blessing to be a part of this community and Imy husband and I have joined the llocal Chamber of Commerce. I am happy to have shared many photos that I have taken in Rowlett because it is so beautiful right on Lake Ray Hubbard. Regardless if I go to Rockwall or to Garland, east or west, I cross over the lake. I love Rowlett, but then again, I love Texas!

Rowlett, TX

Submitted by
Patty Allen
Murphy, TX

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