School Is in Session


t’s expected on graduation day for your mom, dad, grandma and grandpa to come to the school, bring you flowers and cheer but what about on the first day of school? Milltown is a place where the community celebrates family! On the first day of school the parking lot and streets are packed. Some children are not only sporting their new clothing, but their Sunday best! They are escorted with pride by their parents, grandparents and maybe even an aunt and uncle or two. Everyone stays to dote over their pride and joy. They catch up with friends and neighbors. They greet favorite teachers. Tears are chased away with words of encouragement or the awkward “don’t cry”. There are camera phones, disposable cameras and Hollywood grade cameras taking candid shots and videos of the children in line and as they file into the building. The teachers do a wonderful job of writing letters to the students in their class or placing an individual call to each of their students the week before school. When the children arrive, it’s a happy reunion for them and their parents. 

School is in session! The summer season may be over but the family spirit of fun, love and joy is still in full effect in Milltown.

Milltown, NJ

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Katty Velez
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Milltown, NJ

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