Stone Hollow Subdivision Is New and Impressive


hen I moved to Texas in January 2013, the subdivision now known as Stone Hollow, was mostly undeveloped land with some of it being staked out for building. In fact, my boys used to go play there and call it “the mine” because they were looking for treasures where the ground had been excavated. Well, in the last three years, I have watched that area become a beautiful subdivision, that wraps around the Comstock Elementary School (my boys loved that one), has a beautiful pool area, is located nicely with access to Alma and Silverado Trail, and close to Eldorado Boulevard and the Gabe Nesbitt Recreational Area.

The homes there range from approximately $290-450K with square footage anywhere from 2,500 to 4,000 depending on chosen floor plan. The main builder was CalAtlantic Homes. Lately, Impression Homes has started the “Villas at Stone Hollow” on the other side of the school property.

Stone Hollow is also very near the new McKinney APEX Centre/Waterpark to open in February of 2017. This will be a great facility to have close. In addition there are ball parks and tennis courts that are on the same corner of Eldorado/Alma.

Stone Hollow Subdivision
McKinney, TX

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Guy Arnold
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