The Best Place in All of Kansas


eople who aren’t from Kansas probably don’t even know that this is here. Downtown Lawrence, that is. They probably pass the whole state off as having no real destinations. And I don’t really blame them. It’s easy to miss Kansas most of the time. “Fly-over country” they call it. Well, I think people should take a closer look at Northeast Kansas and that all starts (and ends) in Downtown Lawrence.

Downtown Lawrence consists of a stretch of restaurants, boutiques, bars, book stores, businesses, and theaters that make up the city’s main drag, and it’s supporting side-streets and parks. From recently built mid-rise condos to old stone and brick storefronts, the area is steeped in history that begins before the Civil War and has yet to be forgotten. The town was burned to the ground and many residents were killed in a raid on the town by pro-slavery raiders from Missouri led by William Quantrill in 1863. That history is recalled by the ever-present use of the term “Freestate”. Most notably, Freestate Brewery celebrates the town’s history and heritage as the state’s oldest active brewery and is known as one of the Midwest’s best restaurants.

If you’re looking to check out Lawrence, or the nearby University of Kansas, be sure to book your lodgings at the famous Eldridge Hotel. Rumored to be haunted, it is nevertheless¬†a fantastic and elegant place to stay while enjoying the sights and tastes of the town. There is an incredible variety of restaurants to choose from, along with great shopping and entertainment, all within walking distance. Any night, the area bars, clubs, and theaters feature numerous local and national musical acts that go out of their way to play here.

Don’t miss Downtown Lawrence. It’s always been great and it’s most definitely getting better, every day!

Lawrence, KS

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Ryan Desch
RE/MAX Excel
Lawrence, KS

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