“The Bricks” Area Is Thriving in Flint


he City of Flint has had its ups and downs this past few years, but the area called The Bricks is thriving again. If you happen to be in the area at lunch, you will notice the restaurants are full of business professionals, hospital staff, and students from the University of Michigan Flint. The weekends are full of events and festivals booked all spring, summer, and fall bringing people downtown. The old abandoned buildings are now luxury apartments, law offices, or new restaurants. I was on my way downtown and took this picture heading downtown to go to Jack’s Stache, a local record store that beyond exceeded my expectations for getting some vintage records. The city is slowly growing its way back to prosperity. Investors always say “buy low and sell high,” and if you are lucky, you might be able to still get a little piece of downtown Flint.

Flint, MI

Submitted by
KLimberly Altenritter
RE/MAX Select
Flint, MI

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