Washtenaw Dairy


ince 1931, Washtenaw Dairy has been a neighborhood favorite! If you are looking for an original, this is the place to go. To this day, you can go into Washtenaw Dairy anytime of the year and grab a giant scoop of ice cream or have some of their delicious dairy products delivered to your business. They are also known for their melt-in-your-mouth donuts that are made at the dairy daily. Pick-up a dozen or two on your way to a event. My family and I used to love to take a walk through town to grab a quick scoop of ice cream and we still make the occasional visit. Washtenaw Dairy is located on the south end of Downtown Ann Arbor and, being just off the main drag, it easy to stop in and enjoy! 

Ann Arbor, MI

Submitted by
Matt White
RE/MAX Platinum
Ann Arbor, MI

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