What I Love about Portage, MI


have lived in Portage since I was four years old.  Though I’ve lived in several different houses, I’ve never left Portage and moved to Kalamazoo or any other surrounding area.  Why you ask?  I love all that Portage has to offer.  I love that within two to three minutes I can be driving in the country and enjoying farms or lakes.  I love that you can shop at local stores or national chains all within the same square miles.  I love that there are many local restaurants and not just the big chains, of which there are plenty.  I love that I am only 10 to 15 minutes from enjoying downtown Kalamazoo and all that it has to offer.  I love that the schools are award winning.  I love that there are “green spaces” and dozens of parks.  I love the 50+ mile bike route.  I especially love all of the lakes and public access.  I love that we have an international airport at our disposal.  I love Portage, Michigan!

Portage, MI

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Jean Vermillion
RE/MAX Advantage
Portage, MI

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