What’s a Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?


often ask myself that very question. How in the world did I ever end up someplace so beautiful and so western, where it just seems like a perfect fit? Every day when I wake up, I sip my coffee slowly to window views of gorgeous Osage County sunrises where the grass is green and the trees are tall and straight amongst rolling hills.

No mesquites. Now, if you understand that comment, there’s a good chance you’re from my old stomping grounds down south of the Red. Where I came from in Texas is home to some wonderful ranching country and friendly folks, but we have this tree down there that grows more like a weed with long thorns on it. The Mesquite trees in Texas almost suck the life right out of the ground in the summertime – and you just almost can’t get rid of them. Tree weeds – that’s what they are.

Anyway, you won’t find mesquites in the Osage. Just beautiful tall Postoaks and the like. I’m telling you, if we’d have known Oklahoma had country like this, we wouldn’t have made quite so many trips to New Mexico or Colorado just looking for some green in the sweltering summers where the grass cures out and turns a burnt beige before the end of May in North Central Texas.

Osage County, OK is a hidden paradise of flowing water, rolling topography, belly-deep grass, and fat cattle, and inhabited by some of the best salt-of-the-earth folks you’ll ever find!

Wanting to plant roots or expand your vistas? Before you settle down anywhere else, explore Osage County – you’ll be glad you did! Points of interest would include Frank Phillips’ historic ranch and a 50,000-square-foot world-class museum out at Woolaroc, The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in downtown Pawhuska, beautiful Osage Hills State Park, the Tulsa Botanic Garden, and Lake Skiatook’s CrossTimbers Marina with boat rentals and more!

Pawhuska, OK

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