Why I Live in Hesston, Population 4,000


hen my husband and I moved to Hesston, we thought we would give it five years before we would move again. Well, it has been over 25 years. My husband enjoys working in the same town that he lives in. We have raised our four children here, knowing that they had good schools with top notch teachers, plenty of extra-curricular activities, and wonderful friends. There are lots of walking paths and sidewalks that we enjoy using in the evenings. For a small town with approximately 4000 people, there are so many extra amenities that we have here:  five churches, an arboretum, parks, tennis courts, a grocery store, restaurants, a wellness center, a pharmacy, medical and eye doctors, a college, banks, a public library, a lumber yard, a hardware store, an antique store, a donut shop and other unique stores. We love it here.

Hesston, KS

Submitted by
Brenda D. Nebel
RE/MAX Associates
Newton, KS

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