Why I Live in the Hudson Tea


eople often ask me, “Red, why do you love living in the Hudson Tea Building so much?” While there are so many reasons, like my amazing neighbors, the feeling of community, modern conveniences we sometimes overlook, and a sense of overall well being in such an awesome space, it’s the little things that make you stop for a second and feel grateful for your home. My husband and I will sometimes pause for a few minutes early in the morning while having our coffee to appreciate the often grandiose sunrises over the Hudson River and Manhattan. The intense pinks, oranges and purples in the clouds and on the water are such an amazing sight to see it really makes us stop to say, “Wow! We are so lucky to live here in this gorgeous place!”

Hoboken, NJ

Submitted by
Danielle “Red” Drasher
RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty
Hoboken, NJ

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