p here, we have an uncanny ability to spot what we call “Fudgies.” A Fudgie is, of course, an out-of-town visitor collecting cherries and fudge while asking things like, “Do you get much snow up here in the winter?”After a few summers up here, some of the repeat visitors get better at blending in, but we locals know what to look for. We look for socks with sandals, sunglasses tan lines, and shopping carts full of big-brewery beers and chips that aren’t Better-Made.

The thing is, we’ll gladly take the title away from you. There are few things an “Up North” local wants more than to share the landscapes and hospitality of the places we call home. In Elk Rapids, we’d love nothing more than to call you a neighbor and forget all about those sandals-and-socks days. It’s a lifetime membership to a community that takes pride in its history and future and we want you to have it.

Included in the membership are innumerable perks:  free advice on which lures work best on which lakes, big smiles from all your neighbors everywhere you go, and the irrefutable knowledge that we have some of the finest craft breweries in the state on our doorstep. Inside of every Fudgie is a potential friend and neighbor. So, we’ll take the title away and share the paths less traveled with you because we love it here, and we want you to love it, too.

Elk Rapids, MI

Submitted by
James Eberle
RE/MAX of Elk Rapids
Elk Rapids, MI

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