Farming Your Online Leads With Agent Insight

Farming 2

Online leads come in all shapes and sizes. Although it is great when a lead comes in ready-to-buy (or sell), more often than not, your online leads are only the initial touch point with someone who is months away from a transaction. Those leads will most likely require you to establish and maintain a connection for an extended period of time before they become an active client. This cultivation and nurturing activity is appropriately analogous to “farming” such leads.

Let’s look at the ways you can use Agent Insight to farm your online leads.

Starting with the typical sales funnel, the top of the funnel represents those clients who are in the initial buying or selling stages. These potential clients are most likely doing preliminary research – determining where they want to live, what each community has to offer, or which real estate agent can meet their needs.

Agent Insight content is top grade fertilizer for leads at this stage of the funnel – giving you an abundant source of authentic and interesting content you can share to build rapport and educate your prospects. Plus – it is easy for you, through Agent Insight, to be at the top of the chart in multiple areas, by regularly posting insights in those areas of interest to your prospects.

Another way that Agent Insight supports a lead farming strategy is with its Conversation Leads. Whenever you post local area content on Agent Insight, think of it as planting seeds for a future harvest. The direct contacts that result from your work are prime, “farming grade” leads. They will often occur very early in the consumer’s decision cycle, at the point where they are thinking about places more than properties. For the agent who is patient and willing to farm, these are high value leads.

Moving down the sales funnel are those prospects at the consideration stage. They are likely comparing your services and expertise with that of other real estate professionals. It’s possible that a lead in this buying stage has made initial contact with you through a Conversation Lead or by registering as a visitor on your website. They may have taken notice that you are a proactive agent who is regularly engaged with current technology through the insights and photos you have posted on Agent Insight.

Incorporating shared Agent Insight Content into your correspondence (e.g. “drip campaigns”) is an easy and safe way to cultivate customers at this stage of the funnel. LeadStreet’s lead exclusivity rules and Agent Insight’s referral protection when sharing content, combine to protect you from losing the connection to your prospects and clients.

At the bottom of the sales funnel are consumers who are near the decision stage. At this point, you can continue to build trust by providing solid education on the home buying process, either through your agent website or printed material. Online content that customers might find helpful would be home buying check lists, information on your marketing plan, or resources to help simply the mortgage process.

Lead farming is a powerful technique to develop new business from early stage leads. Agent Insight offers many resources that can help you along the way.

Photo of the Annual Plow Days event in Walker, MI,  by John DeVries, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids in Wyoming, MI.