Did You Know You Can Learn to Scuba Dive in Oklahoma?


t is interesting to note that Oklahoma’s Lake Tenkiller has a premier scuba diving park. Established in 2005 in cooperation with the Department of Tourism & Recreation,  this dive park has many different underwater features to explore. There is a school bus, a Coast Guard helicopter, and many other boats and monuments to see. I have provided a link below with a map of the various objects that have been placed into the lake at different depths to provide something for every skill level. There are two dive shops located nearby that can provide for all of your dive supplies, rentals, and instruction. The diving season starts in May when the water temperature begins to rise again. I challenge you to make it a goal this year to get to the bottom of the lake and spend some time getting certified in the exciting sport of recreational scuba diving. For more information on learning how to get started with scuba diving contact OkieScuba.com, Gene’s Aqua Pro’s at 918-487-5221, and Nautical Adventures at 918-457-3483.

Cookson, OK

Submitted by
Jeff WIth
Tulsa, OK

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