Insights of Rochester – An Interesting Inventory


rapping up a recent backyard cookout we asked our guests, a couple visiting Rochester after being away for several years, a family who has lived in more than five states and are now back in Rochester, and a few others who always lived in the area: what are the best things about living in Rochester?

I could go on with a whole list of reasons listed why each really loves (or misses) Rochester and its suburbs but the simplest and least esoteric inventory came from the kids (all under 13 years old): four seasons, Sea Breeze and Darien Lake (amusement parks), water, the Finger Lakes (there are 11), a great canal and two Great Lakes, Abbott’s Custard, Zweigle’s hot dogs and burgers at Don and Bob, Wegmans, Martuscello bakery, tasty pizza, picking apples, strawberries and raspberries.

Yes, the list is somewhat food-centric, but these kids named not only some of the best and oldest but also the businesses that represent traditions and (obviously) bring the best memories of a comfortable community.

Rochester, NY

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Robert Miglioratti
Rochester, NY

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