International Influence, Small Town Charm


hen I first moved from the “Big City” to Petoskey, friends and family were concerned about all of the culture that I would miss out on. Things like museums, plays and concerts were mentioned repeatedly. The truth was, that I rarely participated in these events due to budget limits and the distance that was often involved. They were great special events but not a regular feature of my life. I was already doing without.

Since moving to Petoskey, I have enjoyed picnics at Concerts in the Park where I listened to musicals, international children’s choirs, jazz, blue grass, chamber music, you name it. I was enthralled to hear a Russian violinist play some of the world’s most difficult pieces at Bay View Auditorium. I have watched neighborhood children grow from elementary productions to professional presentations of major musicals and plays. The Petoskey Steel Drum Band is a nationally recognized “tour de force”. The Crooked Tree Arts Center showcases local artists and world class exhibits. All in all, my life is richer here in Petoskey because my friends and neighbors value excellence in the arts.

Petoskey, MI

Submitted by
Donna Lively
RE/MAX Lighthouse
Petoskey, MI

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