Start Building Relationships through Agent Insight Posts

Clients want a real estate agent they can trust. They want to know the person who will be guiding them through one of the largest purchases of their lives and they won’t find a relationship just by seeing your face in an ad.

Use Agent Insight as a means of introducing yourself to potential customers. Let them get to know you through your posts with first-person vignettes about your experiences, opinions and daily life with which they can identify. Tell them what you know about the things they want to know, too.

Take a look at an excerpt from this submission by Dana Belcher, RE/MAX Advantage in Birmingham, AL.

Dana Belcher
Dana Belcher

Residents Love the Downtown Loft District
There is an excited buzz among the businesses and growing contingency of residents who dwell downtown.  This cityscape is making new leaps in revitalizing…Cruise the streets after five and you will see the sidewalks full of joggers, dog walkers, bikers and strollers all busy living a great, convenient lifestyle.  When I have interviewed my past clients who bought downtown, I have heard all of them reflect sentiments like; “best decision I ever made”, “we love it down here”, “I am ready to upgrade to an even larger condo”.  These urbanites love their city.  They frequently are excited to tell me the latest tidbit of news…I am excited for them!

In her short piece, Dana has told her readers that she is well-versed in the real estate available in downtown Birmingham, she knows about the culture of the area, and she has strong relationships with her clients that last beyond the time they purchased their homes. Her first person story creates a connection.

Here’s another excellent example. Brenda D Nebel, RE/MAX Associates in Newton, KS, has written a compelling piece about the community where she lives. It is always easiest to write about your own neighborhood or town and this post gives a lot of insight into Brenda’s knowledge of her community.

Brenda D Nebel
Brenda D Nebel

Why I Live in Hesston, Population 4,000
When my husband and I moved to Hesston, we thought we would give it five years before we would move again. Well, it has been over 25 years. My husband enjoys working in the same town that he lives in. We have raised our four children here, knowing that they had good schools with top notch teachers, plenty of extra-curricular activities, and wonderful friends. There are lots of walking paths and sidewalks that we enjoy using in the evenings. For a small town with approximately 4,000 people, there are so many extra amenities:   five churches, an arboretum, parks, tennis courts, a grocery store, restaurants, a wellness center, a pharmacy, medical and eye doctors, a college, banks, a public library, a lumber yard, a hardware store, an antique store, a donut shop and other unique stores. We love it here.

Brenda has touched on schools, recreation, stores, restaurants and many of the amenities clients are looking for in a community. Further, she tells her readers that she has been a resident there for 25 years and has a lot of first-hand experience that will help her introduce them to her town.

Fill your Agent Insight posts with what you know. Show clients that you can give them value they can’t get elsewhere. Make your posts and photo captions as personal as you can with a first-person point of view.