Jump Out of Your Car!

How do you take photos for Agent Insight? Which of the following options is more like you?

1)  As your car rolls to a stop, shoot through the windshield and zip on to the next location.

2)  Stop your car, step out and take a quick minute to line up the shot before you take the picture.

Which of these best describes your photography style? Come on, we already know! Seriously, shooting through the car window usually catches some glare which partially obscures your subject or casts a white film over the entire picture.  The chance of your picture featuring overhead wires instead of your subject is greatly increased.

When you take just a little bit of time to consider your subject, frame it nicely and shoot outside your car, the quality increases so much, with much brighter color and composition.  We appreciate every picture you send in and especially value the ones that make your community look its best to potential customers. Look at these beautiful examples.

michigan tulips
I love the small town ambiance of downtown Chelsea with tulips courtesy of the Garden Club

This photo by Laura Argir, RE/MAX Platinum, Ann Arbor, MI, is greatly enhanced because Laura bent over to include the tulips instead of just shooting the buildings across the street.

Custom waterfront home on the 'quiet' side of the lake
Custom waterfront home on the ‘quiet’ side of the lake

Jeff KrantzRE/MAX Lake of The Ozarks, Osage Beach, MO, framed this photo beautifully. Shot at dusk, the lights in the home glow while the lights on the wall create a soft reflection in the water.

Heading back home from the Surf City Beach
Heading back home from the Surf City Beach

The viewer’s eye is led straight down the beach path, through the fence opening and into the neighborhood. This photo by Kenneth Nilson, RE/MAX at Barnegat Bay Manahawkin, NJ, gives you the feeling of leaving the beach as the sky darkens to evening…another excellent picture provided by the agents participating in Agent Insight.

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