What If the Well Runs Dry?

As the collection of photos and insights that you submit continues to grow, some of you may be wondering what to do for your next entries? Is everything covered? Is there anything left to say? In a word:  Yes!  Every subject can be covered again and again, just by saying something a little differently with each entry. Whether it is the amenities available in a subdivision or the features of an annual community event, write it up again with a different hook.

Don’t be concerned if another agent has written about it – you can cover the same information differently. Here’s an example:  the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO, is one of the longest continuously operating shopping center in the world. Lots of history and charm there for words and photos. Agents have submitted excellent insights on Plaza shops, the annual Christmas lighting tradition, the spring Plaza Art Fair, neighboring hotels, restaurants and universities, as well as the residential opportunities. Here’s a good example by Lisa Kopp, RE/MAX Premier Realty in Prairie Village, KS:

Country Club Plaza                                                                                                            One of my all-time favorites areas in Kansas City is the Country Club Plaza. I grew up near the Plaza in grade school, and I shopped there in my teens. Today I enjoy the many excellent choices of restaurants. I also attend Unity Temple on the Plaza. This isn’t just a place to shop and eat though – there are many choices of homes surrounding The Plaza, from one bedroom condos to large stately homes. Kansas City is referred to as the “City of Fountains” and many of our most beautiful fountains are located at the Plaza.
plaza 2
View of the Plaza across a bridge spanning Brush Creek
plaza 1
The Plaza during the holidays
firemen sculpture
The Fireman’s Fountain in honor of those who lost their lives as they saved others

Shooting photos is the same. Everyone will take pictures of the same subject from a different perspective, so we can run lots of photos of the same area. With every shot, we’re giving clients a better look at the neighborhoods and communities. Using the Country Club Plaza as an example again, here are three photos with widely different perspectives on the area. One is shot from the top floor of a high rise looking down at a Christmas light display, another moves the viewer’s eye across a bridge to the Plaza and the last one shows a fountain.

So, the answer to “what’s new” is everything!  And remember:  the constant flow of new submissions is what keeps Agent Insight high on the internet search engines, giving RE/MAX a stronger identity with potential clients.


Photos by Christine Lies, RE/MAX 1st Choice, Liberty, MO; Suzanne Steenkamp, RE/MAX Innovations, Kansas City, MO;  Ricki McIntire, RE/MAX Innovations, Kansas City.

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