“Lick Skillet” – Yes, You Heard Me Right, the Town Is Called “Lick Skillet”


here is a community just northwest of Hazel Green known as Lick Skillet.  It is a fun place to talk about.  Downtown Lick Skillet is at the intersection of Charity Lane and Butter & Egg Road.  About all you will find in Lick Skillet are some storage buildings and a 4,200 square foot rustic building owned by Don Williams. Most folks around call it the Music Barn.  Some nights, guest might enjoy a local country band.  Other nights, it may be bluegrass or gospel. There may even be an auction.  And, there is cowboy church on Sunday.  Whatever the activity, it is definitely the culture center of Lick Skillet. And it is always a good clean family place to enjoy entertainment and pizza.  Legend has it that a fight broke out at a general merchandise store that occupied the spot back in the 1920’s or 1930’s. The store was owned by the grandfather of a local celebrity, Bill Malone. One of his relatives whacked somebody over the head with a skillet that ended the brawl. Therefore, somebody got “licked with a skillet.”  There was at one time a public school to the north of Lick Skillet that was called New Sharon.  For years, it was a standing joke that anyone who attended the school attended LSU…Lick Skillet University.

Lick Skillet, AL

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