My…How It Has Grown!


couple of decades ago when I was much younger and had a better view of my toes, I lived in a small two bedroom apartment with my wife and kids in what was the tiny town of North Liberty. The grocery store was also a hardware store and a gas station. There were little or no city buildings or functions, and if you wanted to go out to eat, there were little or no choices. My, how things have changed! The population of North Liberty has almost tripled. There is a fantastic Recreation Center with a great outdoor Aquatic Center, and there are a number of really great places to eat and seek out entertainment! When I am speaking to folks just moving to the area, getting them to understand the symbiotic relationship between Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty takes a bit of doing, but they come to see that each has its own flavor, but is part of a vibrant and functioning community. Many people don’t realize that there is limited bus service to North Liberty via the Coralville bus system. There is a single pickup in the morning, and then a single drop-off in the evening for those working in Iowa City or Coralville. Hopefully, as ridership increases, they will add more times and stops! You can also arrange to park your car at the University of Iowa’s Oakdale Campus and ride the bus in from there. Or when it is nice, you can ride your bike directly there and catch the bus. North Liberty is growing quickly and is fast becoming a hub for commerce and jobs in its own right. 

North Liberty, IA

Submitted by
Chuck Bogh
RE/MAX Affiliates
Coralville, IA

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