Quiz Time: What Do You Know about Agent Insight?

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’re treating you to a little Agent Insight quiz.  See what you know about this easy and effective marketing tool.

You can send your submissions via
A.  Carrier pigeon
B.  Computer or mobile phone
C.  The US Postal Service
(Answer:  B.  It couldn’t be easier to shoot a photo or write an insight and send them along the electronic highway.)

The most effective written insights are
A.  First-person accounts of why you like your community
B.  Borrowed articles you find on your local city government website
C.  Bullet points (just the facts, ma’am)
(Answer:  A.  Nothing is more persuasive in making you an authority figure about your town and your market than telling it in your own words.  Also, remember that everything must be your original work; no borrowing from any other web source.)

The best length for a written insight is
A.  Several pages of brilliant prose
B.  One to three sentences
C.  One to three paragraphs
(Answer:  C.  If it’s too long, you lose most readers. Too short and you tell them almost nothing. As a rule of thumb, one to three paragraphs is a good length for presenting your subject.)

A nice choice for a neighborhood photo might include
A.  A shot down the street showing several homes, lawns and gardens
B.  Lots of smiling children swinging on the subdivision playground
C.  A close up of a cute dog being walked down the sidewalk
(Answer:  A.  A good street photo can give a potential client a feel for the character of the neighborhood. A picture of the playground is great, but make sure no face is identifiable if there are people in the picture. Dog photos can work well, too, but back up to show the  surrounding area and not just the adorable puppy.

How often should you send submissions to Agent Insight?
A.  Every day
B.  About once a week
C.  Post once and forget about it — at least your face is on the Agent Roster
(Answer:  B.  Every day is not necessary, but posting regularly and routinely keeps your picture at the top of the Agent Roster and in the rotation for the  Featured Local Expert positions. Regular posting continuously fills the pages with information and pictures to attract the attention of potential clients.)

Once a picture of a local feature has been posted, no other agent needs to take another shot of it.
_____ True
_____ False
(Answer;  False.  Often agents take pictures at the same location, each with a little different perspective. Also, the time of day and the season of the year will give the subject a completely different look.)

Agent Insight can be helpful to my current clients as well as to prospects.
_____ True
_____ False
(Answer:  True.  If you have a client who wants to see a neighborhood without snow on the ground or if they want to hear what people are saying about local restaurants and entertainment events, they can frequently find what they want to know on Agent Insight. Make use of this resource!)

A constant flow of new insights and photos boosts Agent Insight up SEO rankings, resulting in continuous generation of leads.
_____ True
_____ False
(Answer:  True.  Google and other search engines love to find something new and they love the unique format provided by Agent Insight.)

Agent Insight is all I’ll ever need to make myself known online.
_____ True
_____ False
(Answer:  False. Agent Insight should be part of a well-rounded marketing plan that can also include your personal website and other components such as Facebook, a blog , Twitter, Pinterest and others.)

We hope you scored well on our quiz while reminding yourself of Agent Insight’s features and benefits. This is a strong marketing tool that is easy and fun to use. Take advantage of the change of season that April brings to gather some great new photos and information about your market areas and get them submitted!