Northport Village at Its Best


magine a village with a trolley running down the middle of Main Street with beautiful homes on hills overlooking the water and gorgeous boats coming into the marina.  Restaurants, cafes and shops of every type with breathless sights at sunrise or sunset. The people are warm and friendly and will nod hello whether they know you or not. This is Northport Village over 100 years ago as well as today!  Well, except for the trolley. The lines are still there and are driven over every single day, but the trolley no longer runs.  It is a fantastic place to live, raise a family and remain for the rest of your life.  Well, that’s if you love good schools, great locations, warm and friendly people, and just about every type of recreation and shopping known to man.

 I would like to find something negative to say, but there truly isn’t anything.  Ok, here’s one:  it is on the far north coast of the island.  That’s it.  Beaches such as Crab Meadow for miles of white sand. There’s great golf here.  So many things are going on with special events often held in town and down at the marina area.  Real estate is varied; a little higher in starting prices than some other towns, but still very affordable and an extremely safe investment.  If you’re not sure where you want to live on Long Island, you should check out Northport.  You won’t be disappointed!

North Port, NY

Submitted by
Marie Wohlrab
RE/MAX Best Island
Bay Shore, NY

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